Tacklebox Cohort 17:
Week Two


Here’s what we’ll be up to this week:

Workshop 2: Edit to Amplify - Monday, Jan. 14, 7 PM

Speaker Session: Deepak Chhugani -Thursday, Jan. 17, 7 PM

Workshop 2: Edit to Amplify: Cold Emails + SOM further segmentation + Assumptions



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Weekly 1x1 with Brian:


Speaker Session: Deepak Chhugani - Founder @ The Lobby

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 12.31.36 PM.png

Deepak founded The Lobby and has since pivoted to a new product he'll likely speak a bit about. He raised 1.2mm for The Lobby and went through Y Combinator after completing Tacklebox. Here's an interview he did with Indie Hackers with some great insight.

Deepak was born in Kenya and grew up in Ecuador. He came to the US prior to college.

I’d ask Deepak about….

  • How to run customer interviews without anchoring

  • Tactics to understand intent vs. action / urgency when introducing a new product

  • How to synthesize customer interactions → actionable / testable assumptions, and eventually into product features

  • Fundraising (who should and shouldn't)

  • How to tease brand out of customer interactions

  • How to determine whether problems are real based on various types of customer interactions

Also, feel free to ask specific questions about hurdles you’re currently facing with customer interviews / interactions / assumptions, etc.