Tacklebox Cohort 17:
Week Three


Here’s what we’ll be up to this week:

Workshop 3: STTC: Messaging + Persona + Intro to EVPs - Wednesday, Jan. 23 7:00 PM

Speaker Session: Sam Alston - Thursday, Jan. 24, 7:30 PM

Workshop 3: STTC

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Weekly 1x1 with Brian:


Sam Alston.png

Sam Alston is the founder of Big Lives. Sam was in Cohort 8, going through Tacklebox while working full-time at Louis Vuitton. She left her job maybe 6 months after the program, and has been running full-speed since.

Recently featured in Forbes as "re-envisioning retail," Sam has pushed the envelope on what a store is. She finds amazing spaces, pulls together up and coming designers, and puts on a pop up for a few nights where customers are hand picked and invited to attend for free. The idea stems from her understanding of how people shopped at LV, and her knowledge and eye for new designers.

Her last pop-up was in partnership with Anthropologie and Dixon in a beautiful brownstone - here's a video recap.

Sam will talk a bit about her story, but specifically I'd ask her about:

  • When to quit your job

  • How to partner with big brands

  • How to convince designers (partners) to work with you when you're tiny

  • How to bootstrap a company with an expensive initial product

  • How to acquire early customers

  • How to create a consistent brand without designers

  • How to build a supply chain

  • Unanticipated hurdles

  • Unanticipated benefits / things that work well

  • Deciding on not having a cofounder

  • Time management as a solo founder

  • Balancing customer acquisition + growth

  • Running tests with early products + changing based on results

  • Fundraising

  • Pricing

  • Differentiation in a crowded space