Tacklebox Cohort 17:
EVP Week (Week Five)


Here’s what we’ll be up to this week:

This week you will be running your EVP test. Remember, the goal is transparency:

We need to know exactly where we stand with customers, partners, messaging, channels, etc. - whoever is critical to our initial product. We can't build a company on a foundation of assumptions. 

It should feel uncomfortable. You should be pushing on assumptions, working directly with customers, testing messaging, and attempting to create urgency.  

At the same time, realize this is the first of hundreds of tests. It doesn't need to be perfect - it just needs to be done. The pressure should be on the process, not the results. 

EVP Week Statement:

During EVP week I will run (TEST) with (SPECIFIC SOM) to learn (CRITICAL THING WE NEED TO LEARN).  

Take the time to think this through and make sure you have sent it to Brian so everyone can see and reference it.


Customer Journey Deck:


Accountability Check-In:

Schedule a ~30min check-in this week with your accountability partner. These can be virtual. Goal is to talk through your process for EVP Week and give / receive feedback.